New Workshop

globeWe all desire to be effective in our lives and careers. However, being effective does not happen by chance, it is a product of our habits and our character. Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, habits constantly express our character and produce our effectiveness – or our in effectiveness. In the words of Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” In his famous and still highly relevant book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Steven Covey identifies seven habits shared by all truly effective people.

Having being asked by a client to design a workshop combining our knowledge of their context, our own Appletree insights and the insights from this book we have developed a two day workshop called ‘Personal Effectiveness‘ which aims to equip its participants to build new habits that will enable you to live out a purposeful, intentional and effective life.

The Key Outcomes of this workshop are as follows:

·      The ability to control one’s environment, rather than have it control you; through self determination and choice.

·      Develop self-leadership to avoid distractions and become more productive and effective.

·      Develop skills and tools to assist you in organising and implementing activities in line with your goals.

·      Equip you with interpersonal leadership skills that help one achieve win-win outcomes when interacting with others.

·      Unpack the extremely powerful communication tool of seeking first to understand, before being understood.

·      Effectively seek synergistic outcomes through emphatic communication while applying win-win thinking.

·      Develop a plan for managing ones energy and perspective.


Those who were the first to attend the workship had this to say: 

The focus on the person as a holistic entity, rather than the work/home/party persona is also a good thing.  If each person takes only one thing away from the course, it has the potential to have a profound positive effect on them.

In my case, a very raw nerve was struck, which has made me take a much closer look at my personal life.  I know that courses/up-skilling are generally focused at the work level. However, I think that because our lives are not perfectly separated, problems outside the workplace do affect us at work. So a positive change at home, will mean less negative energy being brought to work.

The facilitators were very skilled and the way the course was structured was cool. It had a very interactive approach with many activities that put into practice the concepts we had discussed.  They didn’t drown us in theory and made it a lot more applicable to our work and life contexts.

The way that they ran the course was extremely fluid and kept us well engaged. I found there was good collaboration with all on course as well as interaction with the facilitators.  The material was very insightful & can say have walked away energized & ready to implement some new habits in my life and work. Highly recommend!

I think this is a useful course and it will touch people in a different way. There were people who I could tell have never thought this way so it was new to them and they seemed excited to apply this new knowledge. And there will be people like me who are already conscious about and self-improvement but are doing it in an ad-hoc manner and a course like this can be the final piece of the puzzle for them.

We are excited about the value that this workshop can add and look forward to facilitating the  ’Personal Effectiveness’ over the next while.