Measuring BILT culture

Data-is-the-new-oilWe believe that good culture is good business. And we also believe that data is the new oil!

So when we say that we seek to understand the current state of culture within your business and to work with you to build good culture, we know that one of our areas of focus has to be measuring culture.

Lets be honest, most the statistics, media and information that we use to understand culture is from outside of our borders. It’s not that statistics coming from US or UK based companies is irrelevant, its just that this is South Africa and we have many unique contexts which impact will impact directly on our culture. Our economy, social complexity and cultural diversity for example will contribute toward shaping what we know as corporate culture here in SA.

So where are all the South African Statistics?

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.21.06 PMState of Engagement (SOE), an official Appletree company, utlises a specifically designed BILT survey to transform intangible organisational dynamics which affect culture into tangible statistical measures. SOE fulfills a specific function in measuring the state of an organistions culture, which ensures that assumptions are removed and replaced with actual data that supports our ability to accurately design how we build good culture within an organisation

As of July 2014, every single workshop we run will begin with a BILT survey.

We are privelaged in that in these workshops mean we get to sit infront of South African employees almost every day. These employees represent a diverse range of employees.  They represent the engaged and disengaged employees. They represent managers and executives. They represent leaders. They represent those who have served for 20 years within one organisation and those who are just kicking off their careers.

They represent South African corporate culture.

And it’s these employees who will contribute data which will further add to our understanding of the state of the culture within their organisations.

We will always be listening and learning so that we can continue to support organisations in the most accurate ways possible in shaping good culture. We desire to do whatever it takes to ensure that our work does not just have a short term impact, but makes a long term sustainable difference to South Africa’s corporate culture.

These pre workshop surveys will remain annomymous and are filled in and sealed in an envelop prior to the workshop commencing. These are then handed to an economist on the SOE team for analysis. Appletree, in association with SOE will be releasing reports and data on the state of culture once certain sample sizes have been reached accross a range of industries.

Watch this space!