BILT culture

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.45.14 PMWe believe that good culture is good business. We seek to understand the current state of culture within your business and work with you to build good culture.

Our ‘good culture is good business‘ blog unpacked the evidence of good culture as well as dysfunctional culture. We know that culture is in a constant state of flux and as mentioned in the same blog, that building good culture is a marathon and not a sprint requiring focussed, intentional effort. There are no quick fixes.

We believe that building good culture is less about skills and more about developing and fostering the right beliefs (mindset, attitude, perspective) and behaviours so that the ‘way we do things around here’ is an authentic representation of an organisations brand, thus setting it up for optimal business performance.

But what are the critical elements that underpin good culture?  Our insight is that good culture emerges when the following culture elements are aligned within an organisations.

  • A Compelling Brand
  • Engaged Individuals
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Connected Teams

Hence what Appletree terms BILT culture.

Over the next few blogs we will unpack what this means in more detail. A highlight of each culture element is as follows:

A Compelling Brand is a clearly articulated purpose (why) that mobilises people.

Engaged Individuals believe that what they do matters and take ownership to thrive on a daily basis.

Authentic Leaders steward the brand DNA and harness the full potential of what’s around them.

Connected Teams include individuals who believe that together we can go further.

Each of these elements require indpendent focus and strategy but have to be seen as interdenpendent in their overall contribution to building good culture.

Going forward we will be talking BILT Culture with our clients and with any organisation who seeks to build good culture which ultimately leads to good business.