3 Leadership Questions


Last week I spent some time coaching down in Cape Town.  Our session kicked off with looking at three leadership questions, which make for an effective leadership check in.

Question 1: Am I Responsive?

Being responsive means that we are making conscious choices that serve ourselves, and those that we influence on a daily basis.  These responsive choices are particularly important when we are under pressure. We face up to many stimuli or environmental circumstances which challenge us as leaders. Leadership is about the ability to maintain healthy perspective and point challenging circumstances toward positive outcomes.

Those around you feel it when you are being reactive. It creates stress in others and in you. How how responsive is your leadership right now?

Question 2: Am I Confident?

Confidence is a product of consistently moving out of comfort zones and stretching ourselves to develop our abilities. When we become stagnant it does not necessarily mean that we lack confidence but we can very easily become bored. Confidence needs to be matched with taking on challenges and developing our skills. We as leaders in turn feel like we are growing and giving which is deeply satisfying.

Confident leaders who is achieving challenging goals and taking themselves to new levels creates the space around him or her to grow those that are under their influence. How confident are you right now?

Question 3: Am I energised?

It’s the last question but it’s a critical one. So much of our leadership skill can only be executed on from an energised platform. The quote ‘what I most need to do is also what I am least likely to do’ is very relevant when we find ourselves wanting in terms of energy levels.  Replenishing our energy stocks means that we can serve the tasks and people around us effectively.

It is obvious when a leader is de-energised. Their responsiveness goes out the window and they appear overwhelmed as they head toward burn out.  We as leaders need to serve ourselves before we can serve others. How energised are you feeling right now?

Keep leading well.

Author: Travis Gale